Permanent ink on glass
Variable dimensions

The artwork reconstructs the urban scene and highlights, not only the external imagery, but also what comes as possession and misfortune with it. Despite the crowded set-up, the transparent aspect lets light through. The green spaces are represented by empty spots which create anew dimension between the glass and the shadow underneath it. What might seem to be a representation of reality is also, a way to rethink the technique and its tools, in search of new aesthetic solutions. In that sense, architecture can embody both authenticity and playfulness. Domesticated explores public ownership as a urban/vernacular architecture that transforms to aliving organism that reflects what the inhabitants wants.

Curated exhibition by CUB gallery for Beirut Art Fair, 2018
Exhibited at CUB gallery, Dec-Feb ’18, 2018
Exhibited at CUB gallery, Feb-Mar ’19, 2019